A Protectionist Moment?

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Skip past the comments about Bernie Sanders to the important part, where Paul Krugman points out that "much of the elite defense of globalization is basically dishonest".


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But it’s also true that much of the elite defense of globalization is basically dishonest: false claims of inevitability, scare tactics (protectionism causes depressions!), vastly exaggerated claims for the benefits of trade liberalization and the costs of protection, hand-waving away the large distributional effects that are what standard models actually predict[...]Furthermore, as Mark Kleiman sagely observes, the conventional case for trade liberalization relies on the assertion that the government could redistribute income to ensure that everyone wins — but we now have an ideology utterly opposed to such redistribution in full control of one party[....]
Paul Krugman, "A Protectionist Moment?A Protectionist Moment?"