Abolishing democracy in favor of a public corporation with transferrable shares.

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Oh, sorry, did you sell your share to feed your starving child? Legal vote buying is sure to solve all our problems!


Own Your Country: Incorporate the State and Upgrade Citizens into Dividends-Earning Shareholders [More...]
"Because profit is possible only when there are owners to demand it from managers, and the states have no owners. Today’s citizens, being just members of an association with non-transferable rights to vote, are too weak and disinterested to make such a strong demand. Citizens need an owner’s stick. Just casting votes can never do it."
Untitled Proposal [More...]
"The right to vote is a property right which is owned by the wrong people because it is non- transferable." Ah yes, only the quality people who can afford to buy a franchise should vote, to improve the value of the US just like a corporation.


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