Asset Forfeiture Abuse

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Confiscating property "used in crimes" has been a public policy that was useful in attacking organized crime, but has been grossly abused by a number of states and localities in the US. The laws need to be revised according to the ACLU and others.


Asset Forfeiture Abuse (ACLU Blog) [More...]
"Across the country, law enforcement agents stop motorists – predominantly people of color – and seize the money in their possession simply by asserting that they believe the money is connected to some illegal activity, even without ever pursuing criminal charges."
Civil Forfeiture (Huffington Post) [More...]
Huffpo articles on Asset Forfeiture Abuse.
Gov. Brown Signs Historic Bill to Rein in Asset Forfeiture Abuse, Paving Way for Other States [More...]
A bipartisan bill (sponsored by the ACLU) to reign in civil asset forfeiture abuse in California has been passed without any aid from ineffective libertarians. As goes California, so goes the Nation.
Prison Profiteers: There is a lot of money in mass incarceration [More...]
An ACLU video series profiling the powerful companies and individuals who are profiting off locking up too many people for too long.


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