Blaming the Poor

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Blaming the poor for their poverty is a classic right-wing trope that bears little relationship to reality. Poverty is built into our society the way the game of musical chairs has one winner and several losers. What may seem irrational may be due to different options and the psychological effects of poverty.


A Poverty of Imagination: Blaming the Poor for Inequality [More...]
"Many British people still prefer to blame the poor for their poverty, just as they did in the nineteenth century. One can only wonder whether, and indeed how, such pervasive attitudes will ever change."
Musical Chairs Theory Of Economic Justice
Competition, self-improvement and meritocracy do not improve economic justice outcomes in a musical chairs model. No matter how loudly Horatio Alger is invoked, there still will be only one winner of a game of musical chairs, and many losers. Likewise, no matter how responsably the players attempt to act, how much they struggle to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, only one will finish in a chair.
Violence, the Fundamental Attribution Error, and Contempt for the Poor [More...]
Paul Gowder lambastes Bryan Caplan. "Caplan leaps to a single explanation for all of the self-harming behavior of poor people: it’s because they’re irrational and stupid. This reflects less on the supposed inability of the poor to run their lives than it does on Caplan’s inability to imagine the circumstances of anyone other than himself."


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