Bundle of Rights

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Since Hohfeld and Honore's seminal works, property has been generally considered a variable bundle of roughly a dozen rights, duties, liabilities, etc. spelling out relationships between an owner and other people about a thing.


A Framework for the Collection, Retention and Use of Human Body Parts [More...]
Contains an extensive study of the nature of property rights, an extensive discussion of the arguments for and against property interests in bodies and body parts, and then an extensive discussion of the legal and ethical issues concerning organs, tissues and genes in a multicultural context.
Making Law Bind: Essays Legal and Philosophical (book)
Tony Honoré's legal philosophy, widely regarded very highly. Clearly enumerates the bundle of rights that comprise property.
Rescuing the Bundle-of-Rights Metaphor in Property Law [More...]
"[...] this Article argues that the bundle-of-rights conceptualization remains useful both descriptively and normatively. First, the bundle-of-rights conceptualization produces more precise specification of the legal relations of parties in both simple and complex property arrangements. Second, it clarifies the normative choices that underlie decisions about property. Third, it focuses attention on the quality of the relationships that property constructs. Finally, bundle-of-rights analysis generally forces information forward."


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