Capitalist Crime

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Criminality by capitalists is obviously the easiest way for them to increase their capital when they can get away with it. Mortgage fraud alone has stolen billions of dollars. Capitalist criminal behavior steals at all levels, from individual thefts to defrauding the government of billions. Corporations and too-big-to-fail make evasion of responsibility easy.


Fraud (3 links)
Capitalism is about increasing one's own wealth, and one of the easiest ways is fraud. Libertarians generally oppose government investigation into fraud and regulation against fraud, despite government's proven track record and the lack of libertarian alternatives. Regulation of commercial speech is one of the main methods of preventing commercial fraud.
The Risks of Unfettered Capitalism [More...]
"Capitalism [...] provides financial incentives to harm and even kill people. Just ask those people who say they have been victimized by cigarettes, predatory lenders, Volkswagen diesel emissions, Takata airbags, General Motors ignition switches, Trump University, Vioxx, asbestos or other products."
Wage Theft (6 links)
The simplest way for a capitalist to make more money is to not pay employees what he has promised and what he is legally obliged to pay. That's wage theft, and it is epidemic. Donald Trump exemplifies this problem, and is notorious for non-payment.


The pride of man makes him love to domineer, and nothing mortifies him so much as to be obliged to condescend to persuade his inferiors. Wherever the law allows it, and the nature of the work can afford it, therefore, he will generally prefer the service of slaves to that of freemen.
Adam Smith, "The Wealth of Nations" III.2.10