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A picture can be worth a thousand words. Or 100,000 from Ayn Rand.


Ayn Rand’s Adventures In Wonderland: The Complete Graphic Novel [More...]
Benjamin Frisches short tale of Ayn Rand time traveling to 2010. How Ayn reacts to her legacy, especially Alan Greenspan.
Elon Musk Isn’t All He’s Cracked Up to Be [More...]
Elon Musk suggests the typical Robert Heinlein Science Fiction solution of special people running away from problems, leaving everybody else stuck with them.
Existential Comics 164: The Philosophy Friends [More...]
Points out the ways in which "the river" is not "the river", but really just a convention used for inexact communication, and is recognized in flood or freeze or whatever else. Could also be extended to include the groundwater of the drainage basin.
Existential Comics 234: Desert Island Economics [More...]
Karl Marx and Rosa Luxemburg are shipwrecked on Liberty Island, owned by Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard. "Save the brandy!"
Existential Comics 259: A Dialogue on Freedom [More...]
An Existential Comics explanation of how Robert Nozick's criticism of Utilitarianism hoists him by his own petard. A good criticism of oppression of non-owners, but misses the fact that corporations are real-world immortal "freedom monsters". Both monsters are unrealistic in that they differ strongly from (are unequal to) rather equal humans. "Realistic" philosophy would concern itself with the rather equal humans.
Little Nemo in Slumberland: The Voyage to Mars [More...]
Mars is entirely the property of plutocrat B. Gosh, including the air, sunlight and even words. Widely considered to most amazing artistry ever in comics. The Mars visit extends from 4/24/1910 to 8/14/1910.
Mad Marx: The Class Warrior [More...]
A good take on Mad Max, also featuring Rand and Hayek. The only big errors are that Rand wasn't smoking and Rand was much fatter.
Non Sequitur on economics
A close parallel to several economic policies over the past several decades.
Tom the Dancing Bug: A Desert Island Recession [More...]
A simple and clear comic example of how a shock can cause a recession.
You vs. John [More...]
Take some "nobody is the boss of me" libertarian propaganda and add some real circumstances, and suddenly it shows just how stupid the propaganda really is.


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