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Some basics of discussing libertarianism.


Introduction To Libertarianism
The big picture of libertarianism. Three realms of libertarianism and its place in politics.
The Short, Simple Dismissal Of Libertarianism
99% of libertarianism is obviously untrue or unacceptable for one or more of these reasons. My Gish Gallop through 40 (or more) reasons.
A Non-Libertarian FAQ
A general introduction to discussion with libertarians, with an extensive discussion of arguments commonly used by libertarian evangelists. This is the original FAQ, little changed from when it originated in 1994. See also: More FAQS and Criticisms of the Non-Libertarian FAQ.
A few books to help you understand what is wrong with libertarianism. (13 links)
These books generally do not attack libertarianism directly, but as you read them, you will understand more about how libertarianism is basically propaganda in favor of the policies the .01% want and how libertarianism has basically no philosophical legs to stand on..
Political Libertarianism (12 links)
Political libertarianism is the most important libertarianism because we are continually exposed to it through the media. It is a mass market astroturf libertarianism. It has been a plutocratically-funded effort since the 1930's and has been wildly successful in concentrating wealth since the 1980s. It is about redistributing society's wealth to the rich and calling that just and moral.
Descriptions Of Libertarianism (26 links)
There are numerous varieties of libertarianism, so no one description will suffice. Here are some overviews and classifications that will give you a broader picture of libertarianism.
Analyzing Libertarian Arguments (13 links)
First steps to analyzing libertarian arguments. Libertarian arguments literally make every fallacy of logic and informal fallacy of argument. After a while, it gets fairly easy to spot the problem in the arguments. Here are some of the major problems.
Opposing Libertarianism (6 links) (6 links) (6 links) (6 links) (6 links) (6 links) (6 links) (6 links)
Opposing evangelical libertarianism is easy, but there's lots to learn to do it effectively. Here is an overview of some of what you would want to know.
Leaving Libertarianism (9 links)
A series of suggestions for how to start undoing libertarian programming.


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