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Much libertarian theory ignores the fact that we start out as children. Many libertarians feel that government has no role in protecting or supporting children. Child rearing is largely not a market activity.


Anarcho-Depravity [More...]
Libertarians (including the Libertarian Party have a long, sordid and extensive history of claiming children ought to be treated as free adults when it comes to sex, employment, legal prostitution, legal addictions, etc.
Child Labor (5 links)
Many libertarians defend child labor because the alternative is for popular, labor, and government action to end the cycle of poverty, low education, and child labor.
Child Poverty Across Political Traditions [More...]
Nations with social democratic institutions in the developed world have much less child poverty than nations with liberal market institutions.
Child Sex (2 links)
AKA pedophilia, hebophilia, child pornography, etc. Libertarian ideology provides no check on this, and in some cases actively promotes it by proposing eliminating age of majority and other regulations. Libertarianism is a refuge for pedophiles and the like.
Early Childhood: the Nub of the Problem [More...]
David Warsh directs us to James Heckman for the best research on the importance and cost effectiveness of early childhood interventions through quality pre-K programs. Despite decades of libertarian criticism, some of these programs have been shown to have high benefit-cost ratios and rates of return. Read all 15 points.
Friday Open Thread (Don't Take Advice from Right Wingers Edition) [More...]
"Glibertarian economist Bryan Caplan -- who may in fact be the world's stupidest serious academic -- is on npr this morning to promote his book arguing that we should all have more children. Magically omitted from his discussion though is the cost of children. And he's a fucking economist."
It is Not a School Problem
Diane Ravitch used to be a supporter of school reform. But now she is the author of Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America's Public Schools. The problem is poverty and segregation.
Lead Poisoning: The Ignored Scandal [More...]
The lead industry obstructed government regulation of lead in paint and gasoline for more than 50 years after it was discovered to cause retardation. This resulted in millions of children poisoned by lead, a process that is still continuing because of ubiquitous lead paint in older houses.
Our Daughter Isn't A Selfish Brat; Your Son Just Hasn't Read Atlas Shrugged [More...]
An excellent satire on what Objectivist child-rearing might be like, if any Objectivists could be socialized enough to actually bear children.
Private charity can't replace government social programs [More...]
To suggest that community or faith-based charities can effectively supplant government social programs is a fantasy that serves only as a talking point to cut those programs.
Republicans Sink Bill to Prevent Abuse in Teen Behavior Schools [More...]
This is an unregulated, private, capitalist industry that grossly violates human rights. But libertarians want to identify government as the problem, not the free market.
Ruwart on Child Pornography [More...]
Mary Ruwart, a former Libertarian Party presidential candidate, talks about sex acts of children and child pornography.
The Moral Depravity of Rothbardianism [More...]
Allowing children to die, markets in children, child labor, torture and private weapons of mass destruction.


Not for nothing have fellow libertarians described the LP as the Molestitarian Party.
Garden Mole (pseudonym), "Anarcho-Depravity"
Libertarianism is like Leninism: a fascinating, internally consistent political theory with some good underlying points that, regrettably, makes prescriptions about how to run human society that can only work if we replace real messy human beings with frictionless spherical humanoids of uniform density.
Charles Stross, "Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire"