Redesign Corporate Rights And Charters

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Corporate rights are a toxic mish-mosh of judge-made law that in effect creates monsters. These first-class citizens dominate our society through control of media, contributions to non-profits and the legalized bribery of lobbying and campaign contributions. Some propose abolition of corporations entirely.


Corporate Constitutional Rights Primer [More...]
"The key to propping up this corporate machinery is the collection of constitutional rights that the Framers never meant corporations to have. Such rights were illegitimately interpreted into the U.S. Constitution by a century of corporate-driven court decisions."
Corporate Rights (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund) [More...]
"The structure of federal and state law – both statutory and constitutional – empowers corporations to override local democratic decision making."
Elizabeth Warren has a plan to save capitalism [More...]
The Accountable Capitalism Act: starts from the premise that corporations that claim the legal rights of personhood should be legally required to accept the moral obligations of personhood. Includes the German practice of codetermination (40% worker representation on corporate boards.)
Limited Liability Is Causing Unlimited Harm [More...]
"The original purpose of limited-liability protection was to encourage investment in – and risk-taking by – corporations, whose resulting innovations would benefit society. Yet by allowing shareholders to profit from the harms caused by corporations, limited liability has evolved into a source of systemic market failure."
Paul Cienfuegos Links [More...]
Links to "organizations advancing democratic self-governance for all people, and dismantling corporate authority to govern and to define our future".


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