The Worlds Smallest Political Quiz

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"The Quiz", as it is popularly known, is a carefully planned piece of recruiting propaganda. It qualifies people not as libertarians, but as people susceptible to becoming libertarians (a MUCH larger class, containing people of many different viewpoints.)

The World's Smallester Political Quiz
Are you an asshole?

  • Yes: Libertarian
  • No: Something else.


Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology [More...] (2 links)
The Pew Research Center statistically identifies seven cohesive political clusters. None of them are libertarian. Includes a 23 question placement quiz. A vastly better methodology than the pseudoscientific The Worlds Smallest Political Quiz. 179 pages.
In search of libertarians [More...]
"In some cases, the political views of self-described libertarians differ modestly from those of the general public; in others there are no differences at all [...] None of the seven groups identified by the 2014 political typology closely resembled libertarians, and, in fact, self-described libertarians can be found in all seven."
Models, Maps and Visions of Tomorrow [More...]
A discussion of political axes and why most (including the Nolan Chart) are wrong. Part 1/4 of David Brin's Political Totemism and the Danger of Metaphors.
Poll: 43 Percent Of Libertarians Don’t Understand The Term [More...]
"About 11 percent of Americans self-identify as libertarians and know what the term means" according to a Pew Research Center poll.
RationalWiki : Nolan chart [More...]
The RationalWiki article on the Nolan Chart, especially criticizing the The Worlds Smallest Political Quiz.
RationalWiki : Political Compass [More...]
The RationalWiki article on the Political Compass, with four significant criticisms.
The Tilted Political Compass, Part 1: Left and Right [More...]
An excellent criticism of the methodology of the Political Compass and a good derivation of an alternative.
The Tilted Political Compass, Part 2: Up and Down [More...]
Completion of the alternative, and comparison to some already-existing alternatives.


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