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Libertarian Utopias! Libertarians want to experiment with Charter Cities: being given a region of their own to manage themselves. What we will probably see is is a corrupt autarchy controlled by international corporations and dependent on second class citizens or workers commuting in or out. A form of Crony Capitalism. You cannot assume democracy or civil equality for charter cities. The City of London is an actual existing charter city, and the state of Delaware is similar because corporations outnumber inhabitants.


City of London (3 links)
The City of London, roughly a square mile of financial district in London proper, is an actual, existing charter city. Business voters vastly outnumber residents and roughly 400,000 workers commute in and out. It is the center of a worldwide web of tax avoidance and crony capitalism, and the real reason why libertarian ideas of charter cities will fail: they cannot compete.
Detroit's Libertarian Belle Isle Plan: Basically Gayer Fire Island With Lower Taxes [More...]
"... the endless passages of stilted dialogue about half-baked libertarian theory got boring, all and all, “Belle Isle: Detroit’s Game Changer” is the best homoerotic vanity press propaganda novel written by a senior housing developer yr Wonket has ever read."
Galt's Gulch (1 link)
An attempted libertarian community in Chile that showed how credulous and easily scammed libertarians are.
Hell Isle [More...]
Rodney Lockwood wants to convert 982-acre Belle Isle park in Detroit into an independent nation, selling citizenships at $300,000 per.
Honduras (5 links)
Paul Romer and Patri Friedman are attempting to start up Charter Cities in Honduras. Lots of excitement and political intrigue including murders of opponents and a Supreme Court committee declaring them unconstitutional.
Neom: Frequently Asked Questions [More...]
Saudi Arabia proposes investing $500 billion to create a huge charter city, supposedly to end its oil dependence. Right. More likely, a shiny distraction that lets elites evade religious proscriptions (such as against drinking and gambling) and that provides more opportunities to conceal and launder money.
Rand Paul’s terrifying vision for America: The truth about his plan for “Economic Freedom Zones” [More...]
"The neoliberal experiment in hyper-capitalism and the erosion of the state, which used to be run in places like Chile, after Washington helped install a dictator, has now come home. The vision outlined in Paul’s bill is nothing less than an upending of the American ideal–a republic of citizens–and the creation of a republic of property, with the state receding into inconsequentiality."
Seasteads (6 links)
Floating versions of Charter Cities that would have all of their ills PLUS great difficulty leaving due to isolation. A past example is the Scientology Sea Org, notorious for abuses. Many proposals for these have failed. For a seastead to actually have sovereignty, it would have to be outside not just Territorial Waters, but outside the Exclusive Economic Zone according to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.


[Patri] Friedman is an outspoken critic of democracy. It is “ill-suited for a libertarian state”, he wrote in an essay in 2009—because it is “rigged against libertarians” (they would always lose) and inefficient.
The Economist, "Honduras shrugged: Two start-ups want to try out libertarian ideas in the country’s new special development regions"