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Charter Schools are a strategy for undermining teacher's unions, privatizing public education and shifting and cutting education expenses from business and the community at the expense of the poor and the working class. They do not produce better results, let alone the extraordinary results cherry-picked by their advocates. They are primarily prometed by plutocrats, and serve to distract from the real causes of low achievement: especially poverty. The rich do not want to spend on fixing poverty.


15 Months in Virtual Charter Hell: A Teacher's Tale [More...]
Virtual Charter Schools are the latest ALEC-sponsored attempt at undermining public schools through corporatization of education. They target communities of color or poverty which are dispossessed and disempowered.
Charter schools are starting to look a lot like payday lenders and for-profit colleges [More...]
The daily drip of charter school scandals is revealing an industry that often preys on those they claim to be trying to help.
Education and the Commercial Mindset (Review by Thomas Ultican) [More...]
"Abrams documents the triumphs and failures of profit based education[...] Abrams presents convincing arguments that KIPP and other no-excuses charter systems cannot possibly be scaled up to educate all American children. These systems have a history of burning out teachers and they rely on public schools to take in the children they expel or council out."
Koch Brothers Pushing Garbage Libertarian “Textbook” On Poor Schools [More...]
5 good links to articles about the Kochs trying to inject their views into pre-college education.
Now you're talking [More...]
"It's been clear for years that destroying public education is where charters, vouchers, and online schools are taking us under the guise of helping the disadvantaged." The charter school racket: finding billions in new revenues for corporations to produce "educational product".
Sweden’s School Choice Disaster [More...]
"Advocates for school choice might be shocked to see how badly the country’s experiment with vouchers failed." Provides a balanced look at international performance of Charter Schools and public schools.
The Con Artistry of Charter Schools [More...]
Criminality, failure, self-dealing, misuse of funds, lack of oversight, political corruption, a trend to big business, and the political interference of ALEC have brought about a spate of FBI investigations of charter schools.
The Myth of Charter Schools [More...]
A scathing review of the propagandistic nature of Waiting for Superman and its endorsement of charter schools. It details the big-business and plutocratic tie-ins to charter schools.


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