Christian Criticisms Of Libertarianism

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While some libertarians are somehow Christian, many Christians have strong objections.


An adviser to Pope Francis says Catholicism is incompatible with libertarianism. He's right. [More...]
"For Augustine, unlike secular legal realists, property has a spiritual dimension: All things in common belong to the people of God. But in temporal matters that heavenly distribution isn't honored, and so we rely on states to create institutions of property that are hopefully fair and just. "
Jesus (1 link)
Libertarians simply cannot square the Bible with libertarianism. It flat-out says pay your taxes and that authorities are instituted by God. There's lots more too, including support of slavery.
Libertarian Delusions: Exposing the Flaws in Libertarian Thinking [More...]
Identifies problems with self-ownership, the idea of eliminating politics, the public choice viewpoint and blanket opposition to state action.
Libertarianism and Christianity: A Contradiction in Terms? [More...]
Romans 13.1–7 says government is instituted by God, and thus you should pay your taxes.
The "Poisoned Spring" of Economic Libertarianism: Menger, Mises, Hayek, Rothbard: A Critique from Catholic Social Teaching of the 'Austrian School' of Economics (book) (1 link)
Angus Sibley criticizes Austrian economics and resulting libertarianism both from the viewpoint of practical economics and from Catholic teaching. "[...] what neoconservatives call ‘freedom’ has turned out to be the liberty of wealthy capitalists to subvert the political process, to dominate economic decision-making, and generally to take advantage of everyone else."
The Many Lives of Ayn Rand [More...]
"Sometimes I think the fact that so many Christians slavishly devote themselves to Ayn Rand is part of her infernal punishment. I imagine Satan periodically delivering her reams of praise for her work, all of it penned by delusional Christianist libertarian types."


To be enslaved to the impersonal forces of the market is, in the final analysis, just as inhumane as being enslaved by the state or the party. Chains are chains and the Austrians and their American followers are not preaching authentic human freedom but its counterfeit.
Michael Sean Winters, "Review: Angus Sibley's "The 'Poisoned Spring' of Economic Libertarianism"