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Collectivism is at the other end of a spectrum that includes individualism. Minarchists are collectivists: they emphasize our interdependence in a minimal state. Anarchists too can be collectivists, if some decision making is interdependent and not totally individual. Societal norms, such as property, rely on collectivist enforcement. Libertarian denunciation of collectivism simply means they do not want collective solutions except where their ideology needs them.


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Lin [Elinor Ostrom] is emphatically clear on a number of key points:
  1. Self interested behaviour in perfect markets can be highly destructive.
  2. Appropriate norms and rules will not rely on pure self interest, but instead build on the capacity of (many) actors for conditional cooperation and reciprocity.
  3. Norms rely on collectively mandated sanctioning mechanisms if they are to work properly.
These are not, as I understand Hayek, Hayekian claims.
Henry Farrell, "The Ostrom Nobel"
Ostrom stresses repeatedly that even the best functioning markets are undergirded by an array of collective institutions which order people’s market interactions, and that in the absence of such rules, self interested behaviour will have highly adverse consequences.
Henry Farrell, "The Ostrom Nobel"