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Many libertarians buy into the old Confederacy, States' Rights, "slavery was beneficial" and other "lost cause" mythology. There is a substantial cockeyed revisionist literature on this subject, making Abraham Lincoln an enemy of freedom, claiming slavery was a beneficial institution and arguing for State's Rights.


Confederate Heritage Month [More...]
David Neiwert responds to a proclamation of Confederate Heritage Month with a debunking of the "Lost Cause" mythology and a review of the horrors of slavery, the Confederacy, and the terrorism of reconstruction.
Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men: A History of the American Civil War (book)
Revisionist libertarian historian Jeffrey Hummel shows that Abraham Lincoln is the Great Statist Satan who transformed the US into a statist hellhole. How does that work with libertarian claims that the late 19th century US was closest to libertarian?
How Libertarians Ought to Think about the U.S. Civil War [More...]
A libertarian argues that libertarians should support Lincoln, the Union, and the Civil War as instruments of liberty, rather than castigate them as agents of tyranny.
Libertarianism, the Confederacy, and the Civil War Revisited [More...]
"Still, pro-Confederate libertarians are a significant enough minority that the phenomenon can’t simply be ignored." Then he pulls out the "No true libertarian" bullshit.
Ludwig von Mises Institute (8 links)
Llewellyn Rockwell's shrine to Ludwig von Mises. A minor competiitor and rival to the Cato Institute, with a separate source of funding. Specializing in comically extreme Austrian Economics and support for the neo-Confederate Lost Cause movement.
The Racism of Abraham Lincoln, Part 2 [More...]
"The Context of Lincoln’s Racism". While Lincoln was a racist (as was almost everybody in his times), this in no way supports the libertarian historical revisionism of Thomas DiLorenzo. "While Thomas DiLorenzo is a deadly-serious polemicist, as a historian he shows all the seriousness of a clown convention."
The Racism of Abraham Lincoln, Part 3 [More...]
"From Colonization to Emancipation". "Since part of the Libertarian narrative is that Lincoln was a tyrant who ran roughshod over the Constitution, they can’t allow this letter to be interpreted correctly. And, of course, they always -- always! -- omit the last sentence."
The Racism of Abraham Lincoln, Part 4 [More...]
"The Emancipation of Abraham Lincoln". "The Final Emancipation Proclamation punctures one of the biggest holes in the Libertarian caricature of 'Lincoln the Racist' propagated by Thomas DiLorenzo."
Where did Donald Trump get his racialized rhetoric? From libertarians. [More...]
A brief overview of the history of nakedly racist Rothbardian paleolibertarianism and and his fellow travellers. These ideas have been adopted wholesale by Donald Trump.


To solve the problem that few Americans are interested in small government, Rothbard argued that libertarians needed to align themselves with people they might not like much in order to expand their numbers. “Outreach to the Rednecks” was needed to make common cause with far-right Christian conservatives who hated the federal government, disliked drugs and wanted to crack down on crime.
Matthew Sheffield, "Where did Donald Trump get his racialized rhetoric? From libertarians."