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Libertarians frequently attempt to refute common knowledge (and scientific knowledge) with conspiracy theories. This is because such knowledge often conflicts with their ideology, and the cognitive dissonance must be somehow reconciled.


County Supremacy Movement (1 link)
A crank idea that the only legitimate policing power belongs to the county sheriff. All higher government activity is a conspiracy to rob the people of their rights.
How To Debunk Most Conspiracy Theories [More...]
The flaw is that they fall apart if you reverse them. Usually, people take an event and work backwards to form a theory about what group planned it as a conspiracy. However, if you work from the opposite direction by taking the alleged group and asking if the event is the best way to fulfil their aims, the answer is almost always no.
Libertarian Fairy Tales: The Bundy Militia’s Revisionist History in Oregon [More...]
"Western militia-types like to fantasize that they are oppressed by a “foreign” government. They like to play dress-up, to pretend that they are entrepreneurial family farmers who built it all themselves. But you can tell the story of Harney County as a morality tale about the evils of big government only if you leave most of it out. And so they do."
On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs [More...]
David Grimes provides a mathematical model of how long conspiracies would take to unravel, showing that many popular conspiracy theories are implausible.
Science Denialists (26 links)
Libertarians overlap strongly with science denialists on Global Warming, epidemiology, vaccination, fluoridation, creationism, HIV, smoking, ozone hole, pollution, quack medicines, etc.


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