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The crackpot idea that unlimited despoliation of the environment and unending population increase are a good. Makes the pollyanna assumption that technical solutions to problems of resource exhaustion and other crises will always arrive in time to prevent catastrophes. Promoted extensively by Julian Simon.


Julian Simon (2 links)
The foremost "cornucopian", someone who posits that there are few intractable natural limits to growth and believes the world can provide a practically limitless abundance of natural resources. An anti-environmentalist denialist of global warming, lead pollution, asbestos, and other contamination.
Perilous Optimism [More...]
Extended criticisms of the cornucopianism of Julian Simon and Mark Sagoff. "Prof. Simon's ideas have been universally dismissed by environmental scientists as crackpot, and yet he was something of a hero among libertarians, neo-orthodox economists, and their political disciples."


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