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If they're not claiming coronavirus a hoax, libertarians are condemning government attempts to reign in the pandemic, succor those who are ill and help those whose livings have been affected. When they're not spouting disinformation about masks, social distancing, vaccines and reopening.


$2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill Presents A Reckoning For Libertarians [More...]
Almost all the libertarian deficit fear mongers shut up for this, the biggest relief bill in history. Except the asshole Thomas Massie.
A Plague Of Libertarians [More...]
"Now if the version of Law and Economics Epstein and his epigoni promulgated had ever advanced to Econ 102, aka “It’s a Little More Complicated Than That,” perhaps Epstein wouldn’t have made such an utter fool of himself over the past couple of weeks, when he made essentially identical arguments about why the government should pretty much stay out of the pandemic amelioration business."
Charles Koch Network Pushed $1 Billion Cut To CDC, Now Attacks Shelter-In-Place Policies For Harming Business [More...]
"Americans for Prosperity the pro-corporate pressure group founded and funded by billionaire industrialist Charles Koch, wants employees to return to work despite desperate pleas from public health officials that people should stay home as much as possible to help contain the spread of the coronavirus."
NEW 10/14/2020: COVID-19 and the Tragedy of the Open Access Health Commons [More...]
One of the few good articles at Why libertarians (and everybody else) should socially distance, wear masks and get vaccinated.
Do economists have even more hubris than physicists? [More...]
"Tyler Cowen demonstrates his arrogance by questioning the validity of epidemiology, and he asks a series of stupid questions that show how little thought he has put into the subject."
Freedom, lockdown, and COVID-19 [More...]
"... you can’t force someone to do what they are unfree to do... People who are more-or-less confined to their homes can’t easily be forced to work in workplaces that expose them to the threat of COVID-19... even under lockdown many workers, such as health workers and bus drivers are effectively so forced..."
NEW 10/14/2020: Get Ready for the Great Urban Comeback: Visionary responses to catastrophes have changed city life for the better. [More...]
AKA: “How Disaster Shaped the Modern City.” History shows that major disasters can sweep away undirected "spontaneous order" accretions and allow large, planned improvements.
How to be Curious Instead of Contrarian About COVID-19: Eight Data Science Lessons From ‘Coronavirus Perspective’ (Epstein 2020) [More...]
Rex Douglass shreds Richard Epstein's pseudoscientific take on the coronavirus pandemic. "I’m not an epidemiologist either, but even as just as a lowly social scientist, I can show lots of different specific ways that the analysis fails to meet basic standards of scientific inference."
Lies, damned lies, and libertarianism [More...]
"Wow!, I thought. Libertarianism in South Korea? That doesn't sound real. And guess what? If you follow that link, you'll see that it's not real! It is, in fact, a lie. Because libertarians tell lies."
Sweden Has Become the World’s Cautionary Tale [More...]
"Its decision to carry on in the face of the pandemic has yielded a surge of deaths without sparing its economy from damage — a red flag as the United States and Britain move to lift lockdowns." Almost all libertarians praised this model as preferable to quarantine.
The Best Reason to Protect Workers From Covid-19 [More...]
"History shows that countries that treat labor badly have slower growth... But the key idea is that institutions of both the formal and informal kind last for a long time and govern human behavior in ways that can’t easily be explained by rational individual action."
The Big Failure of Small Government [More...]
It is no coincidence that countries with mission-driven governments have fared better in the COVID-19 crisis than have countries beholden to the cult of efficiency. Effective governance, it turns out, cannot be conjured up at will, because it requires investment in state capacity.
The Contrarian Coronavirus Theory That Informed The Trump Administration [More...]
Richard Epstein gets snippy defending his ridiculous viewpoints on coronavirus to journalist Isaac Chotiner.


But -- speaking of economics -- there’s basically an infinite market for glib pseudo-academic bullshit, if it protects and enhances the political and economic power of the already wealthy and powerful. That, more than anything else, is the base on which the intellectual Potemkin village that Epstein and his ilk have built continues to rest so securely.
Paul Campos, "A Plague Of Libertarians"