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Libertarian alternative "authority" from think tanks, academic soft sciences, publications, institutions, etc. creates quotable resources for libertarian positions. No thinking required by the user and generally of little or no worth. Heavily financed by wealthy sources. The same strategy creationists use.


Historical Revisionism (61 links)
The facts of history do not support libertarianism. This spawns an industry supplying libertarians with false history that supports their beliefs.
History of Libertarianism (4 links)
Libertarianism, especially the economic aspects, has always been a front for monied interests.
How BBC balance and bad think tanks discourage evidence based policy [More...]
"The rigid application of political balance in the broadcast media is in danger of negating the KTM [the Knowledge Transmission Mechanism], and therefore evidence based policy." The bad kind of think tanks "produce ‘research’ that conforms to a particular line or ideology, rather than conforming to evidence or existing academic knowledge."
Infamous Libertarian Research (2 links)
Much controversial social research by libertarians is quickly debunked by critics. Names such as John Lott, John Stossell, Tyler Cowen and Charles Murray publish "research" that is so blatantly wrong that, after a brief fashion among their followers, not even libertarians take them seriously.
Law (20 links)
Libertarians want laws and interpretations of laws that favor their own interests. They have invested in authoring and sponsoring laws. They have their ridiculous own schools of legal and Constitutional interpretation, and they sponsor training for law students and judges.
Libertarian Indexes Of Freedom (9 links)
Over the years, many libertarian think-tanks and other Koch-funded organizations have created indexes of freedom that invariably represent the interests of large multinational corporations and the rich while ignoring the interests of ordinary people. This is obviously opposed to democratic ideas of political freedom. The entries in this index are evidence, not criticism.
Libertarians are the political group with the highest IQ, yet they are underrepresented in the social sciences other than economics [More...]
Criticisms of "Political diversity will improve social psychological science."
Moral Foundations (2 links)
Pseudoscience from Jonathan Haidt and Ravi Iyer. Sometimes used to claim libertarians have various characteristics. Peer review does not make the psychology of personality assessment any less a pseudoscience.
PragerU relies on a veneer of respectability to obscure its propagandist mission [More...]
"It’s not enough to just say that PragerU isn’t an actual university. It’s outright propaganda, and those appearing on the channel are propagandists. As an institution, PragerU has proved to be toxic, and it should be best understood as -- as its “About Us” page notes -- a “digital marketing campaign.”"
Reason Magazine (9 links)
A Koch-funded propaganda mill that produces prolefeed for true believers. The most ironically named magazine in existence; it would be better titled "Confirmation Bias".
NEW 10/05/2019: Rightward, Ho! Ten Top Funders Behind the Surging Libertarian Movement [More...]
"This overview of libertarian funders has only focused on those operating through transparent foundations. But lots of money flows to libertarian causes outside of those channels. Cato, for example, relies heavily on individual donations from wealthy individuals and this money can be harder to track. Much of it comes from donors in the financial world. "
The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life (book) (1 link)
An atrocious exercise in cherrypicking data to support racist themes of black inferiority. Citations from classic racist literature. Debunked by innumerable academics. The argument was based on numerous faulty assumptions, statistical monkey business and appeal to racist inclinations. Not peer reviewed before publication. No support for the genetic claims made in this book has ever been found.
The Curse Of TINA [More...]
How think tanks arose (in Britain) to "become a branch of the PR industry whose aim is to do the very opposite -- to endlessly prop up and reinforce today's accepted political wisdom." Points out how Hayek described their function as selling second hand ideas.
Vast literatures as mud moats [More...]
"Vast literatures" can be a waste of time when they are propaganda, content-free, or generally erroneous. Demands that you familiarize yourself with vast literatures before you argue can be mere rhetorical strategies, rather than genuine requirements for understanding.
When Congress Busted Milton Friedman (And Libertarianism Was Created By Big Business Business Lobbyists) [More...]
Milton Friedman wrote propaganda for the Foundation for Economic Education, considered the first libertarian think-tank. "That is how libertarianism started: As an arm of big business lobbying."


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