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Libertarianism is criticized strongly by all sides, including libertarians themselves, for an amazing number of reasons.


Mike Huben's Criticisms (2 links)
Developed over roughly 40 years of networked debate with libertarians.
Social Media Criticizing Libertarianism (7 links)
Where you can go to find fellow critics of libertarianism and share ideas.
Christian Criticisms Of Libertarianism (6 links)
While some libertarians are somehow Christian, many Christians have strong objections.
Conservative Criticisms Of Libertarianism (11 links)
Libertarian radicalism is repellant to most conservatives, especially for institutions besides markets and the state.
Economists Criticizing Libertarianism (6 links)
Libertarians like to suggest that economics backs their ideology, but numerous economists disagree.
Left-Libertarian and Anarchist Criticism (17 links)
A resounding clash of ideologies!
Liberal Criticisms Of Libertarianism (34 links)
Liberals (in the American sense) understand that government has a useful track record.
Libertarians Criticizing Each Other (38 links)
Libertarianism is full of schisms over numerous philosophical and political points. We hardly need invent criticisms when libertarians create them plentifully to argue with each other.
Objectivist Critiques Of Libertarianism (3 links)
Rand and her followers have always been contemptuous of libertarianism. Those darned libertarians did not see the necessity of her cult's logic! More likely, they simply hate their closest competitor.
Reviews Of Libertarian Books (8 links)
Most libertarian books get very harsh reviews from readers who are not true believers.
Testimonials By Former Libertarians And Objectivists (10 links)
Let's see what we can learn from some of the many who have left libertarianism.
Unclassified Criticisms (14 links)
A miscellany of interesting criticisms.


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