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A utopian, incoherent front for neoliberal exploitation of technology. Some excellent spin-offs, such as Wikipedia, and some enormous threats, such as Algorithmic Prison.


Algorithmic Prison (15 links)
The algorithmic prison idea is that big data allows business and government to deny us loans, jobs, right to travel, etc. without our knowing why or being able to contest and change the data. This also makes us very vulnerable to dirty tricks.
Cyberlibertarianism: The Extremist Foundations of ‘Digital Freedom’ [More...]
An analysis of the ideology of cyberlibertarianism, placing it within the neoliberal thought collective along with classical liberalism, neoliberalism, and libertarianism. A must read!
Cyberlibertarians’ Digital Deletion of the Left [More...]
"We put faith in a technocratic progressivism that does not clearly emerge from leftist foundations and that, without close and careful work, is unlikely to support those foundations. Most worryingly, we put aside active efforts to solve social problems and advance leftist perspectives by giving in to a technological form of magical thinking that is the opposite of engaged political action."
Don't Count on Tech to Set You Free [More...]
"Techno-libertarianism is too deterministic in its belief that new tools are all we need. Tools need people to use them, and freedom won’t guard itself."
Here's How Not to Improve Public Schools [More...]
The Gates Foundation’s big-data experiment wasn’t just a failure. It did real harm.
The Dystopian Future of Price Discrimination [More...]
It's easy to imagine how personally tailored pricing could go terribly wrong.
To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism (book)
To a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. The internet is one such hammer. This book exposes the myopia of internet advocates.
Why Burning Man is not an example of a loosely regulated tech utopia [More...]
"But Burning Man is intensely regulated. It’s got its own police force. Gun control is absolute. Attendance is limited to a set number of people who can afford the not-cheap tickets. The very layout of Black Rock City is a paean to planning and organization. Central control is as much the essence of Burning Man as is hedonism and fire."


Neoliberals in the innermost shell (like the Koch brothers) use libertarians at farther removes (like the Tea Party) not always to realize their agenda directly, but to push political discourse to the hard right.
David Golumbia, "Cyberlibertarians’ Digital Deletion of the Left"