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The pesticide industry is attempting to blame Rachel Carson and her green followers for millions of malarial deaths because of "DDT bans". But in reality, that industry is responsible for the deaths because they have fostered pesticide resistance in mosquitos through indiscriminant sales of their pesticides. DDT has NOT been banned for public health use, only agricultural use.


DDT Apologists Promote Anti-Environmentalist Pseudoscience [More...]
"DDT apologists falsely claim that the ban against DDT led to the deaths of tens of millions of people in malaria and that environmentalism is therefore a dangerous ideology with blood on its hands. This article shows that Carson did not want to ban DDT in Silent Spring, that the EPA ban was only for the U. S. and had an exemption for public health issues, that the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants also allows DDT for malaria prevention and that even the WHO recognizes and encourages this. The anti-environmentalist myth about Rachel Carson and DDT is dangerous misinformation and toxic pseudoscience."
Defending Rachel Carson: the last word [More...]
"To sum up the position. DDT has never been banned (either de jure or de facto) in antimalarial use and remains available for that purpose."
Rachel Carson, Mass Murderer? The creation of an anti-environmental myth. [More...]
'Still, AFM has very much followed the plan Bate laid out in his original funding pitch to corporations: First, create “the intellectual arguments to make our case,” then “disseminate these arguments to people in [developing countries]” who can make convincing spokespeople, and then “promote these arguments . . . in the West.”'
The Malaria Clock: http://junksciencearchive.com/malaria clock.htmlA Green Eco-Imperialist Legacy of Death [More...]
Steven Milloy's Junk Science website claims 18 billion cases of malaria in 45 years (as of 2018), and blames them all on a ban WHICH APPLIED ONLY TO AGRICULTURAL USES, not on uses in homes. This guy's the worst.


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