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Son of Milton Friedman, and perhaps the foremost anarchocapitalist.

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Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life (book)
Medieval Iceland (1 link)
Many libertarians, reading David Friedman's paper on medieval Icelandic institutions, consider them to be an example of how anarcho-capitalism could work.
No Libertarians in the Seventeenth-Century Highlands [More...]
Brad DeLong ridicules a debate held at the Reason magazine 35th anniversary banquet, skewering the wishful thinking of David Friedman. Private coercive enforcement, warlords, organized crime: they are all the same thing.
The Machinery of Freedom: Guide to a Radical Capitalism (book) (1 link)
The Worst Book I Ever Read [More...]
" It was a horrendously argued book that relied on straw man arguments, ignoring the middle ground, a complete absence of evidence and mainly stating positions without even attempting to defend them. The only praise I have for the book is that it is mercifully short and easy to read."
Was Medieval Iceland an Example of Anarcho-Capitalism? [More...]
"Apparently a real world privatised justice system would require a high degree of equality of power and wealth, which I submit to you is grossly unrealistic."


There may be two libertarians somewhere who agree with each other about everything, but I am not one of them.
David Friedman