Defenders Of The Unsavory

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Prostitution, blackmail, environmental crime, child labor, racism, tobacco, gambling, black markets, quacks, corruption of many sorts: defenders of these practices often find libertarian allies.


A Day in Rothbardian Anarcho-Capitalist Paradise [More...]
Rampant inequality, poverty, disease, crime and violence. "Libertarians have a major problem: there are very few people indeed who would want such a society or think that it would be a good place to live in."
Anarcho-Depravity [More...]
Libertarians (including the Libertarian Party have a long, sordid and extensive history of claiming children ought to be treated as free adults when it comes to sex, employment, legal prostitution, legal addictions, etc.
Child Sex (7 links)
AKA pedophilia, hebophilia, child pornography, etc. Libertarian ideology provides no check on this, and in some cases actively promotes it by proposing eliminating age of majority, laws against prostitution and other regulations. Libertarianism is a refuge for pedophiles and the like.
Defending the Undefendable (book, online) (2 links)
(2008) Walter Block praises the pimp, prostitute, scab, slumlord, libeler, moneylender and other scapegoats in the rogue's gallery of American society. By cleverly ignoring the harms they commit. "[Third Parties] have neither stake nor standing in the matter, and should be ignored." Anybody with any concept of the role of institutions will see the folly of this book.
Gambling (4 links)
Gambling is the classic example of economic irrationality. Worse, it has enormous externalities due to crime, family relationships and neglect of other responsibilities. The best solution may be the Public Health Approach.
How to Avoid More Enrons: Legalize Fraud [More...]
Libertarian fairy dust will magically make currently unrestrained private contract enforcement much more powerful once government is no longer backing it with criminal penalties for fraud. Investors would suddenly be so much more careful: that couldn't hurt, could it?
League of the South (1 link)
A secessionist, white supremacist and white nationalist organization that wants to recreate the Confederacy.
Letting the Free Market Bare Its Teeth [More...]
"If a pro-white political philosophy is to gain traction in a world that now finds it abhorrent, it cannot overtly present itself. Pro-white advocates will have better luck adopting mainstream ideologies that include advantages for whites." Such as libertarianism.
Molyneux makes no sense [More...]
"He’s a fanatical and extreme Libertarian who advocates for statelessness, Bitcoin, and other weird, impractical, libertarian schemes. He’s also a misogynist idiot."
Pam Geller (2 links)
A racist serial liar, fanatically hateful of Muslims, liberals, and other targets of conservatives and libertarians. Claims to be a theistic admirer of Ayn Rand. Calls Obama a muslim because that's the worst thing she can think of.
Racists (15 links)
There is a strong overlap between racists and libertarians. Because libertarianism obsesses about independence from social norms, racists are welcome, and actively courted by people like Ron Paul. No surprise that libertarians are 94% white, whiter even than the Republican party.
Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Billionaires [More...]
"A new academic study confirms that front groups with longstanding ties to the tobacco industry and the billionaire Koch brothers planned the formation of the Tea Party movement more than a decade before it exploded onto the U.S. political scene."
The Contrarian Trap: The Source of the Liberty Movement’s Dark Side [More...]
"I think it is no surprise that many libertarians are also atheists, climate change deniers, paleo dieters, anti-psychiatry, conspiracy theorists, transhumanists, cryonics-supporters and hardcore nativists about intelligence."
The Elasticity of Demand With Respect to Product Failures; or Why the Market for Quack Medicines Flourished for More Than 150 Years [More...]
Markets did not punish the quack medicine industry due to unusually low elasticity of demand with respect to product failure and bounded rationality. The conclusion mentions that recent resaerch shows the FDA increased consumer welfare.
Worked Up [More...]
Steve Landsburg's propaganda piece promoting child labor. He is taken apart in detail by commenters Harold and Philip who examine his sources and fake economic determinism.


Not for nothing have fellow libertarians described the LP as the Molestitarian Party.
Garden Mole (pseudonym), "Anarcho-Depravity"
Since many of the people who take a similar position [libertarianism] are narrow and rigid, and filled, paradoxically, with resentment at other freer ways of being, my now having natural responses which fit the theory puts me in some bad company.
Robert Nozick, "Anarchy, State, and Utopia"