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Libertarians get all hot and bothered about government deficits. They are really just a form of borrowing, just like homeowners and businesses borrow. Rants about balanced budget amendments are simply ways they want to hamstring governments and cut taxes.


$2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill Presents A Reckoning For Libertarians [More...]
Almost all the libertarian deficit fear mongers shut up for this, the biggest relief bill in history. Except the asshole Thomas Massie.
Deficit Hysteria: A Common Sense Look at America's Rush to Balance the Budget (book)
"Deficits can be beneficial to the nation's economic health in three main ways. When the economy slumps, a deficit, which is automatically created, helps to reduce the severity of the recession. When the economy is seriously depressed, boosting the deficit may be the only cure. Finally, deficits to support such investments as basic research, cleaning up toxic waste, and rebuilding inner cities are crucial to the economic health of future generations."
Hamilton's Blessing: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Our National Debt (book, online)
"What we may not realize is that the United States was born out of debt. After the Revolution, the brilliant Alexander Hamilton was less interested in paying down the Revolutionary war debt than in using it to create a vibrant national economy."


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