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A determined belief in some doctrine that is completely unmovable by evidence.


Capitalism is the best economic system ever devised. (Not!)
A remarkable propaganda statement that relies on the vagueness of "best", doesn't say which variant of capitalism, and requires you to overlook the fact that capitalism must necessarily be only a part of real economic systems (which include family and government production and exchange.)
Libertarianism Makes You Stupid [More...]
After 20 years, still one of the shortest, clearest explanations of the fundamental errors of libertarian rhetoric.
This Age of Derp [More...]
Paul Krugman explains why (at this time) predictions of high inflation when the Federal Reserve "prints money" are examples of derp.


The key to understanding this, and to understanding Libertarianism itself, is to realize that their concept of individual freedom is the "whopper" of "right to have the State back up business". That's a wild definition of freedom.
Seth Finkelstein, "Libertarianism Makes You Stupid"
Libertarians are for "individual rights", and against "force" and "fraud" - just as THEY define it. Their use of these words, however, when examined in detail, is not likely to accord with the common meanings of these terms.
Seth Finkelstein, "Libertarianism Makes You Stupid"