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A shibboleth is a word or phrase that identifies you as belonging to the same tribe. It is a type of phatic expression. Synonyms include dog-whistle, password, watchword and catchword. Libertarian shibboleths are often redefinitions of common words such as Coercion.


Libertarian Propaganda Terms (102 links)}
Libertarian and conservative think-tanks have labored mightily to make propaganda terms such as libertarian and free market part of the thinking of ordinary people. Most libertarians have no idea how they are manipulated by this perversion of language and how it creates their ideology, starting with the word libertarian itself (which everywhere else still means "anarchist".) Frames, phatic expression, shibboleth, terms of art: very simply, they have a coded meaning for libertarians that is not standard English.
Austerity (3 links)
A harmful supposed antidote to recession that has failed miserably both in academia and the real world. Popular among politicians only for achieving right-wing goals. A shibboleth. Used to oppose Keynesian economics.
Shibboleths [More...]
An explanation of shibboleth (a phrase identifying one as a member of a community) and its context with examples from Republicans.
The State (2 links)
An Orwellian boogyman term. A faceless, omnipresent, malign enemy that can be denounced endlessly, while ignoring any beneficial aspects. Also serves as a libertarian shibboleth. The most obvious example of this demonization is Our Enemy, the State by Albert Jay Nock. See instead: Government.


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