Economic Reforms

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Our current economic system concentrates wealth in very harmful ways. There are plenty of reforms that could help resolve this problem. Libertarian ideas generally would result in greater concentration of wealth.


Can you reform your way to higher growth? [More...]
Short answer: no. Academic discussions of why tax cuts and other measures will not increase growth. One implication: tax increases will not decrease growth, because we've experienced higher taxes in the past during high-growth periods.
Development Economics (9 links)
Some nations develop to become rich, while others stagnate and remain poor. There is a great deal of controversy about why, but libertarianism is not the solution (though it is often claimed to be.) Inevitably, success has government planning involved.
Inequality By Design: It Is Not Just Talent and Hard Work [More...]
"If the 1 percent are able to extract vast sums from the economy it is because we have structured the economy for this purpose. It could easily be structured differently, but the 1 percent and its defenders aren't interested in changing things."
Intellectual Property Reform (11 links)
Many others besides libertarians propose reform or abolition of intellectual property, in part because there has been substantial regulatory capture. Some libertarians oppose it ideologically because it is obviously a government creation, others scream "my property!" Many non-libertarians pragmatically question whether it actually advances the useful arts. When intellectual property expires, it is returned to the commons; thus shortening of terms is often desired. The US Constitution does not mandate intellectual property because even then it was controversial whether it was a net benefit. A good alternative has been public subsidy of research.
Regulation and Its Reform (book)
Social Security Reform: Henry Aaron [More...]
Henry Aaron's 1998 testimony to the US Senate on why Social Security privatization proposals would be bad policy.
Tinkering toward Utopia: A Century of Public School Reform (book, online)
Zoning Reform Alone Won’t Make Housing More Affordable [More...]
Zoning reform results in speculative increases in land value, but not necessarily lower costs of housing.


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