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The importance of private entrepreneurs has long been widely appreciated, which is why the patent system exists. Libertarians ignore the historic importance of public entrepreneurship, product of government investment in research and development.


Billionaire's Failed Education Experiment Proves There's No Shortcut To Success [More...]
"Three years is a long time in the technology world, and there should have been several notable successes from the batches of 20–24 students that the Thiel Foundation admitted. If Thiel had delivered what he promised, these startups should have all been in the category of “world-changing”—and vast majority should still exist."
Is America Encouraging the Wrong Kind of Entrepreneurship? [More...]
Identifies unproductive entrepreneurship due to rent seeking. Libertarians like to pretend there is no dark side to capitalism, but this one is obvious and has long been considered corruption.
The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Public vs. Private Sector Myths (book, online) (4 links)
This book debunks the myth of the state as market failure fixer, leaving entrepreneurship to the private sector. Case studies reveal the opposite: the private sector follows the state's bold, high-risk investments.


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