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Libertarians have no way of defeating epidemics of contagious diseases. Their ideology does not allow quarantine, mandatory vaccination, and other measures that are essential to stopping epidemics such as Ebola, Corona virus, SARS, measles, polio, smallpox, etc.


Coronavirus disease 2019 (19 links)
If they're not claiming coronavirus a hoax, libertarians are condemning government attempts to reign in the pandemic, succor those who are ill and help those whose livings have been affected. When they're not spouting disinformation about masks, social distancing, herd immunity, vaccines and reopening.
Science Denialists (29 links)
Libertarians overlap strongly with science denialists on Global Warming, epidemiology, vaccination, fluoridation, creationism, HIV, smoking, ozone hole, pollution, quack medicines, etc.
The Coronavirus Hoax [More...]
Crazy Uncle Liberty Ron Paul drinks the denialist Kool-Aid again, and presents another batshit screed that will contribute to increasing deaths. This is as foolish as Ayn Rand denying the harms of cigarettes, because he and his audience are at higher risk of death. He obviously does not understand epidemiology or geometric increase.
Vaccination (10 links)
Libertarians are split about mandatory vaccination. Those opposed claim it "violates individual liberty" and/or buy into anti-vaxer denialism and conspiracy theories. Some support mandatory vaccination because otherwise you are putting others at risk. But the fact of the matter is that mandatory vaccination resulted in the only human disease eradication to date: smallpox, which killed roughly 5 million per year.


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