Estate Tax

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Also known as inheritance tax and "death tax". An important tool for breaking up concentration of wealth. They worked very well for roughly 60 years in the USA. There is no good philosophical justification for inheritance of wealth.


Breaking Up Fortunes [More...]
"The rich have too much. Hiking the estate tax would be a powerful tool in a broader anti-inequality campaign."
How Thomas Piketty Destroys Libertarian Talking Points [More...]
"The wrong-headed policies promoted by libertarians and their ilk, who hate any form of tax on the rich, such as inheritance taxes, have ensured that big fortunes in America are getting bigger, and they will play a much more prominent role in the direction of our society and economy if we continue on the present path."
Robert Nozick Agrees With Thomas Piketty [More...]
"As diehard a libertarian as Nozick was, even he found himself bothered by the prospect of "patrimonial capitalism" to borrow Piketty's phrase [....]" "Like all of his prior forays into the realm of philosophy, Mankiw has this one entirely wrong."


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