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Much libertarianism is a front for very right wing people and organizations.


Vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy (32 links)
A term used by Hillary Clinton, which like politically Incorrect is sneered at by libertarians. Hillary was wrong: there are several publicly documented, vast, right-wing conspiracies, aimed at corporatism, movement conservatism, plutocracy, and theocracy, each with their respective billionaire sponsors. Koch, Scaife, Ahmundson, Coors, Murdoch, etc. Not to mention international kleptocractic money laundering conspiracies, which may have put Trump in office by laundering campaign donations through the NRA. The Kochtopus is probably foremost among them in the US, and the Mont Pelerin Society globally. Libertarians are among the cat's-paws of these conspiracies.
Fascism (5 links)
Libertarians frequently have show strong support for fascists. Ludwig von Mises for Mussolini and Friedrich von Hayek for Pinochet come to mind immediately.
Hans-Hermann Hoppe (16 links)
One of the more bizarre Austrian philosophers. A hypocrite for working as a state professor and for accepting ACLU defense of his professional freedom of speech. "There can be no tolerance toward democrats and communists in a libertarian social order. They will have to be physically separated and removed from society."
How Libertarianism Nurtured The Alt-Right For Decades [More...]
"This is why scholars have come to understand that ideas now identified with the alt-right have always gone hand-in-hand with "respectable" libertarianism: they were ideological bedfellows from the very beginning."
League of the South (1 link)
A secessionist, white supremacist and white nationalist organization that wants to recreate the Confederacy.
Letting the Free Market Bare Its Teeth [More...]
"If a pro-white political philosophy is to gain traction in a world that now finds it abhorrent, it cannot overtly present itself. Pro-white advocates will have better luck adopting mainstream ideologies that include advantages for whites." Such as libertarianism.
Libertarian Cowards Run from Own Words [More...]
"Only when he and his backers find the courage to appeal to Whites as Whites, rather than as individuals, will Ron Paul’s numbers climb into the double digits.”
Nullification, Neo-Confederates, and the Revenge of the old Right [More...]
"Behind the recent surge of nullification bills in state legislatures there is an ongoing battle for the soul of the GOP—and the future of the union itself. The nullification movement’s ideology is rooted in reverence for states’ rights and a theocratic and neo-Confederate interpretation of U.S. history. And Ron Paul, who is often portrayed as a libertarian, is the engine behind the movement."
Paleolibertarianism (13 links)
A strategy of old-time racist conservatism combined with libertarian mummery and Historical Revisionism. Adherents include(d) Murray Rothbard, Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul, Charles Murray, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and now perhaps Donald Trump.
Racists (15 links)
There is a strong overlap between racists and libertarians. Because libertarianism obsesses about independence from social norms, racists are welcome, and actively courted by people like Ron Paul. No surprise that libertarians are 94% white, whiter even than the Republican party.
Ron Paul Wants to Abolish the CIA; His Largest Donor Builds Toys for It [More...]
Billionaire Peter Thiel, who has contributed millions to Ron Paul's Super Pac, describes himself as an opponent of democracy. He is a seriously creepy right-wing nutjob.
The Contrarian Trap: The Source of the Liberty Movement’s Dark Side [More...]
"I think it is no surprise that many libertarians are also atheists, climate change deniers, paleo dieters, anti-psychiatry, conspiracy theorists, transhumanists, cryonics-supporters and hardcore nativists about intelligence."
The Forgotten Man [More...]
Rothbard's influence on the far right.
Waiting for the Day When We Can Say We are All Austrians: Ron Pauls Brand of Libertarianism [More...]
Ron Paul's ties to theocratic libertarianism, Christian Reconstructionism, Neo-Confederates, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, the Constitution Party, Conservative Caucus, and the John Birch Society. Anyone who thinks he is a "social liberal" needs to understand that he wants STATES to be conservative, not the federal government.


In a covenant...among proprietor and community tenants for the purpose of protecting their private property, no such thing as a right to free (unlimited) speech exists, not even to unlimited speech on one’s own tenant-property. One may say innumerable things and promote almost any idea under the sun, but naturally no one is permitted to advocate ideas contrary to the very covenant of preserving and protecting private property, such as democracy and communism. There can be no tolerance toward democrats and communists in a libertarian social order. They will have to be physically separated and removed from society.
Hans-Hermann Hoppe, "Democracy - The God That Failed" p. 218.