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There are hundreds of types of formal and informal fallacies for libertarians to exploit, and you can play a game of finding them all in various libertarian works.


Master List of Logical Fallacies [More...]
A short list of 146 commonly encountered fallacies, with examples and synonyms.
Propaganda and Debating Techniques [More...]
184 propaganda techniques and 61 debating techniques with examples and explanation.
Common Fallacies Of Economics (67 links)
Economics has its own styles of common fallacies. These are much loved by both pundits and highly qualified economists making partisan arguments.
Failures Of Libertarian Philosophy (90 links)
Libertarian philosophy has some conspicuous failures. The numerous libertarian attempts to demonstrate self-ownership and property rights fail badly. This undermines essentially everything else they attempt.
Fallacies Of Ideology (40 links)
Ideology commonly makes a number of different mistakes than more ordinary philosophy.
Fallacies Of Philosophy (16 links)
A great deal of philosophy is grossly misleading from the very start.
Propaganda techniques [More...]
The Wikipedia list of techniques. You'll have encountered most of them in libertarian videos, readings, etc.
Propaganda, Marketing and Public Relations (18 links)
Major industries whose entire purpose is to create impressions without regard for truth. This enables manipulation of the masses for greater power and profit. All work with the same principles. Libertarianism is the result of a corporate propaganda campaign that has been going on since roughly The New Deal. It has been greatly intensified by the creation of the Mont Pellerin Society and the Kochtopus, to the tune of billions of dollars.
A long-supplanted philosophical methodology that is preoccupied with "true" definitions of words, a priori knowledge, logic, deduction, system, and its literary form of syllogistic argumentation. Apriorism and avoidance of empiricism are characteristic.


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