False Claims to Rationality and Logic

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Many libertarians make ridiculous claims to logic and rationality. Simple test: can you construct a coherent chain of syllogisms to the beliefs and conclusions of these authors? The answer is always no.


Ayn Rand (50 links)
Anybody who thinks Rand is a great author or a great philosopher can be immediately discounted. She was the Horatio Alger of her era. See also Objectivism, her cult philosophy.
Ludwig von Mises (27 links)
Austrian economist, mentor of Friedrich von Hayek, and a major right-wing economic crank. Father of Praxeology.
Praxeology (11 links)
Ludwig von Mises' anti-scientific, axiomatic, a priori methodology for supporting his preferred conservative political economy. Also used by Murray Rothbard, Hans-Hermann Hoppe and some other libertarians. Ignored by academia, promoted by the crank vanity press Ludwig von Mises Institute.
Reason Magazine (10 links)
A Koch-funded propaganda mill that produces prolefeed for true believers. The most ironically named magazine in existence; it would be better titled "Confirmation Bias".
SMBC: Rational 2 [More...]
The actual use of the word "rational".
The magical thinking of guys who love logic [More...]
A good job of ridiculing young me who claim to be using "reason". "facts", "logic" and "unbiased". "These words are usually used interchangeably and without regard to their proper usage, squished together in a vague Play-Doh ball of smug superiority..."


The weak logic and bad scholarship that suffuse libertarian responses to my article tend to reinforce me in my view that, if they were not paid so well to churn out anti-government propaganda by plutocrats like the Koch brothers and various self-interested corporations, libertarians would play no greater role in public debate than do the followers of Lyndon LaRouche or L. Ron Hubbard.
Michael Lind, "Libertarianism’s Apocryphal Past"
Boaz has fully mastered Patronizing Libertarian Voice, with which (male) libertarians use highly irrational arguments to dismiss every other politics as the beliefs of a child, while loudly insisting on their faultless rationality.
Nathan Robinson, "Oh God, Please Not Libertarianism..."