False Dichotomies of Libertarian Ideology

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[[Category:]] ***UNDER CONSTRUCTION***

Libertarianism is built on false dichotomies, because they provide the simplicity necessary to propaganda. Modeling the real world accurately usually requires more sophistication.

There are several ways dichotomies can be the wrong model:

  • There may actually be a spectrum, with continuous variation between the alternatives.
  • There may be even more alternatives, all discrete from each other.


Government versus Market

Also known as Socialist versus Capitalist, Consumers versus Voters, Public Sector versus Private Sector, etc.

Reason versus Force

Private Ownership versus Commons

Public Goods versus Private Goods

Consensual versus Non-Consensual

Positive Liberty versus Negative Liberty

Also known as Freedom From versus Freedom To.

Unable versus Coerced

Rational versus Irrational

Also known as Logical versus Illogical.

Spontaneous Order versus Designed Order

Conscious Action versus Reflexive Response

Praexology's pre-scientific dichotomy.

Self-Ownership versus Slavery

Means and Ends

True and False