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Libertarianism overlaps the interests of many other groups, including plutocrats, gun nuts, NAMBLA, bigots and more.


Defenders Of The Unsavory (14 links)
Prostitution, blackmail, environmental crime, child labor, racism, tobacco, gambling, black markets, quacks, corruption of many sorts: defenders of these practices often find libertarian allies.
Dictators And Other Anti-Democratic Authoritarians (6 links)
A large number of notable libertarians have supported dictators and other anti-democratic authoritarians, primarily because they support big-business over the interests of ordinary people.
Men's Rights Movement (2 links)
Men who blame their own failures on feminism, entirely missing the point that feminism is about equal rights, equal treatment and equal opportunities for all people.
NRA and other gun extremists (5 links)
Libertarians usually endorse NRA positions or even more extreme positions on private ownership of armaments. The NRA has created an absolutist atmosphere extremely hostile to reasoned discussion of (or research on) benefits and harms of guns.
Racists (14 links)
There is a strong overlap between racists and libertarians. Because libertarianism obsesses about independence from social norms, racists are welcome, and actively courted by people like Ron Paul. No surprise that libertarians are 94% white, whiter even than the Republican party.
Science Denialists (24 links)
Libertarians overlap strongly with science denialists on global warming, vaccines, fluoridation, creationism, HIV, smoking, ozone hole, pollution, quack medicines, etc.
Tax Protestors And Other Pseudolaw Cranks (11 links)
There is strong overlap between libertarians and tax protestors. Tax protestors have amazing reinterpretations of laws and history that they claim justify independence from paying taxes. Sovereign Citizens, Constitutional Militiaas and Jury Nullification are some of the many other crank theories.
Tenther movement (5 links)
Crank states' rights advocates who would prefer that the powers delegated to the federal government be construed VERY narrowly, invalidating most of the past 200+ years of federal law. They would prefer that the states retain these powers (10th Amendment), so that slavery or other state abuses could not be outlawed federally.
Theocratic Libertarians (5 links)
A Dominionist theocratic movement. Libertarians who want an economic zone free of government regulation, but want religious dominion over government and economics. Libertarianism conforming to "biblical economics" and theocracy.
Wall Street, Corporatists, Neoliberals And Plutocrats (35 links)
There is strong overlap of goals between big wealth and libertarians. These fellow travelers often fund libertarians and their organizations to promote overlapping goals. This is a class war: between the first-class citizens (large corporations and the very rich) and ordinary people.


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