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Libertarians, lacking real world examples, eagerly swallow fictional examples, especially science fiction.


A Famous Science Fiction Writer's Descent Into Libertarian Madness [More...]
On Robert Heinlein: "Later in life, as a libertarian, he would rail against “loafers” and the welfare state but in his leftist days he knew how much he depended on the government."
Little House On The Prairie (1 link)
Proto-libertarian author Rose Wilder Lane commits one of the basic hypocrisies of libertarianism. She declares "we never took anything from government" while conveniently forgetting the free land obtained from government dispossession of native Americans.
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (book)
(1966) One of the finest SF novels ever written. But the high levels of detail about a libertarian society fail to make such a society plausible, and it suffers badly from the "we don't give a hoot about other people's problems so we blame them" aspect of libertarianism.


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