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The FDA plays a very important part in moving food and health care from "buyer beware" to the informed consumers that market advocates think are necessary for optimum results. Labeling and evidence-based claims only infringe freedom to mislead the gullible for a buck. Libertarians uniformly hate the FDA because it bans their favorite illicit substances.


History of the Food and Drug Administration [More...]
A Wikipedia article. Lists many of the scandals and atrocities that led to the creation and expansion of powers of the Food and Drug Administration.
Brazil’s Largest Food Companies Raided in Tainted Meat Scandal [More...]
Libertarians routinely deny that the scandals of "The Jungle" (100 years ago) had anything to do with reality. But here is a real-life, current example of how capitalist meat companies will sell adulterated and tainted meat if they can. That's why we have the FDA.
Chinese Melamine and American Vioxx: A Comparison [More...]
FDA research drove Vioxx off the market, by revealing estimates that Vioxx had caused 55.000 deaths over 5 years. The author estimates that it may have caused as many as 500,000 deaths.
FDA ban nearly wiped out deaths, poisonings from ephedra
"A 13-year tally of deaths and poisonings from ephedra show a spectacular decline after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned the sale of weight loss products containing the herb in 2004... Using data from the National Poison Data System, the researchers found that ephedra poisonings peaked at 10,326 in 2002 and then began a significant decline to 180 by 2013."
How Big Tobacco Has Made Cigarettes So Much Deadlier Than They Used To Be [More...]
Cigarette companies still use every trick they can to make cigarettes even more addictive and more attractive to children as well as less safe. "Tobacco is still the greatest public health challenge of our time."
Insight: How Compounding Pharmacies Rallied Patients to Fight Regulation [More...]
Lobbyists for the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists defeated legislation designed to close the FDA regulatory loophole created by the Supreme Court in 2002. (The loophole has finally been closed in 2013, after a huge meningitis outbreak.)
Pink Slime and the Slimy Tactics of America's Food Elitists [More...]
The Competitive Enterprise Institute whines that "food elitists" ought not to reveal disgusting industry practices nor demand labeling. It's "The Jungle" all over again. "Food elitists" takes the same fallaceous public relations approach as "credit snobs".
The Elasticity of Demand With Respect to Product Failures; or Why the Market for Quack Medicines Flourished for More Than 150 Years [More...]
Markets did not punish the quack medicine industry due to unusually low elasticity of demand with respect to product failure and bounded rationality. The conclusion mentions that recent resaerch shows the FDA increased consumer welfare.
The Poison Squad: The American People Had No Idea What They Were Eating [More...]
A PBS American Experience film about the battle for safe food. "By the close of the Industrial Revolution, the American food supply was tainted with frauds, fakes, and legions of new and untested chemicals, dangerously threatening the health of consumers."
The very worst version of the sham known as “right-to-try” is poised to become law [More...]
"... powerful forces are backing right-to-try, including the Koch brothers and Vice President Mike Pence... Right-to-try is only a little about helping patients. It’s far more about dismantling the FDA and giving drug and device manufacturers more freedom to market drugs and devices with much less testing."


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