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Free speech is one of our most important liberties: yet somehow libertarians have no compunction about prohibiting free speech on private property. Especially the workplace. Nor do they recognize that there are practical limits to free speech, such as slander, libel, and incitement to violence. And suspiciously, they are very opposed to regulation of commercial speech, despite the tendency to fraud.


Fraud (3 links)
Capitalism is about increasing one's own wealth, and one of the easiest ways is fraud. Libertarians generally oppose government investigation into fraud and regulation against fraud, despite government's proven track record and the lack of libertarian alternatives. Regulation of commercial speech is one of the main methods of preventing commercial fraud.
Libertarian Judges Rule! [More...]
"Government regulations of advertising? Terrible violation of free speech. Telling a worker what she can read? Market freedom."
The Irony of Free Speech (book, online)
"Reframes the debate by showing how restrictions on political expenditures, hate speech, and pornography can be defended in terms of the First Amendment, not despite it."
There's No Such Thing As Free Speech: And It's a Good Thing, Too (book)
"Free speech" is just the name we give to verbal behavior that serves the substantive agendas we wish to advance...
Trump’s Twitter ban is a step toward ending the hijacking of the First Amendment [More...]
"Tech companies and other digital advocates typically resist regulation by saying they’re standing up for freedom of speech. But they’ve been pushing a warped version of the idea... How can anyone argue that democracy’s own core principles require us to let them tear it apart for as long as they want?"
Which speech do you choose to defend, and which do you choose to shut down? [More...]
"You need moderation for free speech to work. There are inherent contradictions and incompatibilities that make it impossible to be truly neutral on speech. For example, social norms can have a silencing effect."


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