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A Koch-financed libertarian department of an otherwise publicly financed university. As of 2012, the Kochs had donated at least $33,000,000 to George Mason University. Essentially the entire department is also employed by the Mercatus Center, providing more Koch influence.


Blacklisted Economics Professor Found Dead: NC Publishes His Last Letter [More...]
A brilliant savaging of Public Choice Theory, and a beautiful explanation of why so many economists are pro-business hacks.
Bryan Caplan (13 links)
Yet another creative, ideological, bomb throwing recipient of right-wing welfare at the Koch-funded George Mason University Economics Department and Mercatus Center. A master of the Gish Gallop, assembling fire-hose sprays of weak academic studies, cherry-picked information, bad argument and other propaganda.
Mercatus Center (13 links)
A Koch-financed libertarian think-tank associated with the Koch-financed George Mason University Economics Department. As of 2012, it has received more than $14,000,000 from the Kochs.
Of George Mason University: An Exiled Reader Offers More Reasons to Hate the Koch Brothers [More...]
"George Mason University is nothing but a farm team for the Koch bros. Starting at George Mason, the Kochs groom their little recruits as foot-soldiers ready to enter the plutocratic circle-jerk that is the U.S. government and its corporate oligarchs."
Robin Hanson (2 links)
Another Koch-financedpropagandist at the George Mason University Economics Department and the Mercatus Center.
The public choice of public choice [More...]
10 formerly secret agreements between Koch-funded donations to public George Mason University reveal what has long been expected: an appalling breach of academic responsibility. "The ordinary protection against conflict of interest, and against donors using the university’s reputation as an ideological/financial cutout or flag of convenience is to build institutional firewalls..."
Tyler Cowen (17 links)
A professional, second-generation libertarian selected by the Kochs as head of the George Mason University Economics Department.
Tyler Cowen: Statist, anti-Rothbardian agent of the Kochtopus [More...]
Tyler Cowen is a strong critic of Austrian and Rothbardian views, and he is hated for that.
Uncovering Koch Role in Faculty Hires [More...]
"George Mason says some of its past donor agreements with Charles Koch Foundation have afforded the organization a say in faculty appointments, in violation of the norms of academic freedom."


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