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A Koch-financed libertarian department of an otherwise publicly financed university. As of 2012, the Kochs had donated at least $33,000,000 to George Mason University. Essentially the entire department is also employed by the Mercatus Center, providing more Koch influence.


Blacklisted Economics Professor Found Dead: NC Publishes His Last Letter [More...]
A brilliant savaging of Public Choice Theory, and a beautiful explanation of why so many economists are pro-business hacks.
Bryan Caplan (16 links)
Yet another creative, ideological, bomb throwing recipient of right-wing welfare at the Koch-funded George Mason University Economics Department and Mercatus Center. A master of the Gish Gallop, assembling fire-hose sprays of weak academic studies, cherry-picked information, bad argument and other propaganda.
Mercatus Center (14 links)
A Koch-financed libertarian think-tank associated with the Koch-financed George Mason University Economics Department. As of 2012, it has received more than $14,000,000 from the Kochs.
Of George Mason University: An Exiled Reader Offers More Reasons to Hate the Koch Brothers [More...]
"George Mason University is nothing but a farm team for the Koch bros. Starting at George Mason, the Kochs groom their little recruits as foot-soldiers ready to enter the plutocratic circle-jerk that is the U.S. government and its corporate oligarchs."
Robin Hanson (3 links)
Another Koch-financed propagandist at the George Mason University Economics Department and the Mercatus Center.
The public choice of public choice [More...]
10 formerly secret agreements between Koch-funded donations to public George Mason University reveal what has long been expected: an appalling breach of academic responsibility. "The ordinary protection against conflict of interest, and against donors using the university’s reputation as an ideological/financial cutout or flag of convenience is to build institutional firewalls..."
The tobacco economists network - or how the Tobacco Institute recruited over 100 American economics professors. [More...]
"The tobacco industry used a series of scientists in so-called ‘truth squads’ to deny the harmfulness of second-hand smoking. Lesser known is how the industry handed out millions of dollars to a secret network of over 100 American economics professors, known as the "economists network". The aim of the network was preventing the government imposing higher excise taxes on tobacco to cover social costs related to smoking. The economists were hired to spread economic doubt on the effectiveness of social cost related actions by the government."
Tyler Cowen (20 links)
A professional, second-generation libertarian selected by the Kochs as head of the George Mason University Economics Department.
Tyler Cowen: Statist, anti-Rothbardian agent of the Kochtopus [More...]
Tyler Cowen is a strong critic of Austrian and Rothbardian views, and he is hated for that.
Uncovering Koch Role in Faculty Hires [More...]
"George Mason says some of its past donor agreements with Charles Koch Foundation have afforded the organization a say in faculty appointments, in violation of the norms of academic freedom."
Walter Williams (1 link)
Another token black neoliberal propagandist, this time in the Koch-funded George Mason University Economics Department. A "conservative" syndicated columnist, who promotes libertarian ideology.


… Economic doctrines always come to us as propaganda. This is bound up with the very nature of the subject and to pretend that it is not so in the name of ‘pure science’ is a very unscientific refusal to accept the facts.
Joan Robinson, in Marx, Marshall And Keynes