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Most libertarians are opposed to property taxes. The Georgists have an answer that libertarians are unable to rebut. Also known as Single Tax, Land Tax, etc. The idea is that a tax on land is the only legitimate tax because land is not man-made.


A Geolibertarian FAQ [More...]
Geolibertarians are Georgists (single taxers), who believe that a tax on land is the only legitimate tax. Ordinary (right) libertarians have no coherent response to Georgist arguments.
An Introduction to Georgist Philosophy [More...]
The term "Georgist philosophy" refers to the economic analysis and social philosophy advanced by the North American economist Henry George. The Georgist philosophy advocates equal rights for all and special privileges for none. It affirms a universal right for all to share in the gifts and opportunities provided by nature.
Are you a Real Libertarian, or a ROYAL Libertarian? [More...]
"... we base property rights on the principle that everyone is entitled to the fruits of his labor. Land, however, is not the fruit of anyone's labor, and our system of land tenure is based not on labor, but on decrees of privilege issued from the state, called titles."


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