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Why shouldn't we attempt to maximize happiness, among other values? Especially for the lowest incomes. Libertarianism presumes markets maximize happiness (if is considers happiness at all), but "money can't buy me love."


Don't Be Churlish About Taxes; Look To Scandinavia [More...]
" I suggest right here and now that we regain the framing on taxes. Especially in the age of Trump, we need to make tax evasion to be the act of someone who hates this country, not of being "smart."... Taxes are the costs for living in a society. We should want to make this nation a stronger society, not begrudge our contribution to the nation's collective happiness."
Happy as a Dane: 10 Secrets of the Happiest People in the World (book, online)
The "secrets" are trust, education, freedom and independence, equal opportunity, realistic expectations, solidarity and respect for others, work-life balance, relationship to money, modesty, and gender equality.
World Happiness Report [More...]
A UN report. "Increasingly, happiness is considered to be the proper measure of social progress and the goal of public policy." Detailed explanations of the social foundations, key determinants, and workplace requirements for happiness.


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