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AKA pedophilia, hebophilia, child pornography, etc. Libertarian ideology provides no check on this, and in some cases actively promotes it by proposing eliminating age of majority and other regulations. Libertarianism is a refuge for pedophiles and the like.


Anarcho-Depravity [More...]
Libertarians (including the Libertarian Party have a long, sordid and extensive history of claiming children ought to be treated as free adults when it comes to sex, employment, legal prostitution, legal addictions, etc.
Ruwart on Child Pornography [More...]
Mary Ruwart, a former Libertarian Party presidential candidate, talks about sex acts of children and child pornography.


Not for nothing have fellow libertarians described the LP as the Molestitarian Party.
Garden Mole (pseudonym), "Anarcho-Depravity"