How Plutocratic Policy Has Changed The United States Since 1950

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What Is Wrong With Plutocratic Policy Making

What Has Changed =

Transfer Of Risk To The Middle Class

Shackling Students With Enormous Loans

Requiring Two Earners To Produce The Median Family Income

Industry Concentration Into Oligopoly And Monopoly

Re-Creation Of Robber Baron Inequality

Destruction Of Non-Commercial Voices

Reduction In Access To The Legal System

The '60s saw some incredible progressive legislation that gave legal aid to the poor: not just for defense in criminal cases, but also for lawsuits in the interests of the poor against governments and the wealthy. This has been rolled back.

Arbitration has been promoted as a more economical alternative to lawsuits. But in practice, corporations force workers into arbitration, often with clauses prohibiting appeal to the justice system. Usually with arbitrators selected by and paid for by the corporations. When corporations disagree with each other, they do not head for arbitration: they head for the courts. But that's too good for their workers.

Corporate Privilege

  • Which bankers went to jail over the Great Recession?
  • Which bankers went to jail over the enormous frauds in securitization of the mortgage industry and subsequent foreclosures?
  • Who has gone to jail over violations of election contributions laws?
  • Unreasonable extension of copyright to benefit Disney and other corporate copyright owning giants, removing the promise of public domain for decades.

What Has Continued

War Making For Capitalist Benefit

What Has Been Resisted So Far

What Has Been Overturned

Some Medical Industry Market Failures

  • Obamacare

What They Are Trying To Change Now