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While this site's coding has been a one-man show, I have always been helped by numerous contributors.


Let others know about this site!

All publicity is good. Link to this site: add it to your blogrolls and other sidebars. When you use something from this site (say in responding to a blog post), put in a link. Add references to my site to Wikipedia and other crowdsourced media. All of these will improve my google ranking. It used to be that I came out on top of a google search for "libertarianism": we can probably get near the top again with your help.

Tell Me About Resources To Add!

I cannot rely on my omniscience to know what's out there that I can add to my site. Many people have been fantastically helpful, suggesting books and links from all over. This crowdsourcing started more than 20 years ago, and continues today. If you can spare the time, please check whether I already list the resource. Otherwise, I'll be happy to check myself. I'd hate to let a good lead get away!

Tell Me What's Missing!

If you look through my site and can't find what you want, let me know. It's possible I left out something, misindexed it, or haven't gotten to it yet. Sometimes i can give prompt service, filling in the gap in hours or days. If you looked for it, chances are others have also looked for it and been disappointed too.

Help Me Organize!

My indexing system is not perfect. Some articles and quotations are not in all the indexes they should be in. You could look at the most recent articles and see if they are properly indexed. Also, some of the indexes could be better named, combined, or divided. Good, intuitive indexing is hard.

Tell Me What's Broken!

The biggest problem in maintaining this site is called link rot. When linked site vanishes or changes so that my link doesn't work any more. I'd like to fix that. If you or I can find a new link to page or a copy of the page, the fix takes just a few seconds. Until the link is fixed you can click the [More...] link for the page and I present a link to search the Internet Archive for it.

Alternatively, in the course of improving the site I may break something: you might see odd looking wikitext or notice strange behavior. Please report that to me!

Email Me

I like discussing my site and my opinions, both with supporters and opponents. And of course I like "attaboys" and other praise. If I am short on time to respond, I will let you know: it depends on the volume. My email address is on the About_The_Author page.


Support my efforts at Patreon! This is the first opportunity to contribute financially to my efforts. Please check out my Patreon page.

In The Future

Eventually, I will need to hand off this site to somebody else. The best way would be to create a small organization to continue the work, perhaps some time in the 2020's. Before my senility, disability or death would be good.  :-) Libertarianism is not going away, and the right-wing funders will continue to push it and create a continuing flow of new argument to be rebutted. This site needs to be continually updated to meet current needs.