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The lighter side of libertarianism. These make an otherwise dry subject more palatable.


Humor (40 links)
Makes an otherwise dry subject more palatable.
What people say about libertarianism.
Cartoons (23 links)
A picture can be worth a thousand words. Or 100,000 from Ayn Rand.
Make Or Break Views Of Libertarianism (37 links)
Positions so absolute and extreme as to border on self-ridicule.
Atlas Hugged: A Novel of the Future (book, online)
A greatly enjoyable novel that puts the Objectivism of Ayn Rant where it belongs, based on recent evolutionary science. The love story is icing on the cake.
Dispatches from Libertopia: An Anthology of Wingnut Chestnuts and Democratizing Remedies [More...]
151 brief statements about the nature of politics that mostly ridicule libertarian and other right-wing ideology and attitudes.
Parables (7 links)
Sometimes a story lets us think a bit more deeply about a subject.
Top Atheist Quotes [More...]
Because religions are ideologies (like libertarianism), many of these quotes can apply to libertarianism with zero or little modification.
YouTube (10 links)
YouTube links can be ephemeral, and cannot be searched. Some people have a preference for videos, so a few are present here.


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