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Much controversial social research by libertarians is quickly debunked by critics. Names such as John Lott, John Stossell, Tyler Cowen and Charles Murray publish "research" that is so blatantly wrong that, after a brief fashion among their followers, not even libertarians take them seriously.


Reviews of "The Great Stagnation"
Tyler Cowen's short, digital-only book is a non-academic attempt to divert attention from growing inequality. It does so by lying with statistics.
The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life (book) (1 link)
An atrocious exercise in cherrypicking data to support racist themes of black inferiority. Citations from classic racist literature. Debunked by innumerable academics. The argument was based on numerous faulty assumptions, statistical monkey business and appeal to racist inclinations. Not peer reviewed before publication. No support for the genetic claims made in this book has ever been found.


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