Investor-State Dispute Settlement

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A part of trade agreements that creates private kangaroo courts for corporations to sue governments. Part of the libertarian/neoliberal agenda to privatize power by giving corporations the whip hand over democratically elected governments.


All you need to know about the TPP "trade agreement" -- corporate sovereignty [More...]
"Treaties like these -- TPP, TTIP and all their cousins -- create a network of enforceable international laws in which corporations hold sovereign power. That's all you need to know to explain and oppose them." So that corporations can override environmental or workplace law.
Investor-State Attacks: Empowering Foreign Corporations to Bypass our Courts, Challenge Basic Protections [More...]
A Public Citizen index to its articles. This extreme "investor-state" system already has been included in a series of U.S. "trade" deals, forcing taxpayers to hand more than $440 million to corporations for toxics bans, land-use rules, regulatory permits, water and timber policies and more. Under a similar pact, a tribunal recently ordered payment of more than $2 billion to a multinational oil firm. Just under U.S. deals, more than $34 billion remains pending in corporate claims against medicine patent policies, pollution cleanup requirements, climate and energy laws, and other public interest policies.


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