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There are many things which are inescapably involuntary on an individual level in our lives. Start with social institutions such as property. And commons, many of which are biological, not social. Demands for voluntary or voluntarism conveniently ignore these issues in order to oppose social choices such as taxation.

Here's a list of public involuntary choices:

Here's a list of private involuntary choices:

  • Your parents and siblings.
  • The nation you are initially raised in.
  • The language you initially speak.
  • Your early education, nutrition, medical care, and environment.
  • Your socio-economic class.


The Commons (7 links)
With private property ascendant, the fact that we have and need a huge amount of commons is often overlooked. Ecological services, the genetic commons, commons of language, government, infrastructure, society and many other things are very important to our daily lives. Regulated commons can also be a good substitute for private property where there are problems, for example airspace over property (which used to belong to the landowners.)


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